Anima Sound System feat. Heidi Vogel - Jerusalem My Love - CAFe Budapest

21. October Saturday opening: 19:00

Anima Sound System show on 21st October at Akvarium Klub!

21 October | 8 pm

Akvarium Klub – Main Hall

Jerusalem My Love

Anima Sound System with Heidi Vogel

Anima Sound System bring a special world premiere and a guest artist from London to CAFe Budapest. 25 years old this year, this restless group, which has had a stab at every musical style and routinely regenerates itself every few years – and is more like an intellectual community with Zsolt Prieger at its centre than the average pop band –, presents a brand new programme at the festival, which is based on black work songs and spirituals with biblical themes.

A special highlight of the show, Jerusalem, My Love, will be the guest performance of Heidi Vogel, the brilliant singer of Cinematic Orchestra. Not only is she highly praised in the British musical press, but she also has such colleagues for fans as Jamie Cullum. With a voice "made from Mountains and oceans," Heidi Vogel tends to steal the show, whether it is a soul or jazz festival, and whether her partners are well-known singers or techno producers.