Slam Jr. All night long

20. January Saturday opening: 23:00
age limit 18 VOLT-Lokál

On the 20th of January, STRICTLY! IBZ in association at VOLT Lokál!

Strictly! is a leading brand of Middle-Europe's electronic music scene and his founder, the DJ and producer Slam Jr.

- Slam Jr. / Founder and owner of Strictly! -
He is a professional DJ since 1990, one of the founders and also a determinative person of the local Hungarian electronical music scene. His own club event - named Strictly! - is one of the most popular program in the hottest Hungarian clubs since 23 years. He owns the most copies, where we can find electronical mixes and producer albums as well. In his studio he managed numerous recognized artists' publications. The new generation of artists came out from his "school" nowadays the appreciated member of the local DJ society. Across Europe he got a name to the Hungarian modern electronical music as he played music together with almost all the world famous stars. He puts tremendous efforts to search for, take up and manage new talents, which is an incomparable achievement. Nowadays he is counted as one of the most popular artist in the electronical music industry.
Slam Jr. brings to Akvárium Klub Budapest his very unique-luxury electronic music style for an all night long exclusive set with the best tracks from ally style of house music.

We will celebrate a special birthday party on this event, called: Gyula Borbély 46!

The promoter of Pacha and Strictly! 's birthday parties are always very special with unique dj's from all around the world like DJ Rae (London) , Sebastian Gamboa (Ibiza), B Jones (Ibiza), Tania Moon (Ibiza)

C'mon & celebrate together!